Welcome to Worst Shot Ever!

Here you will encounter some of the most god-awful turns ever witnessed, delicately handpicked from WormNET's finest games by you, the viewers at home, for endless ridicule and mockery.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of games are played on WormNET, each one a veritable pick-and-mix bag of terrible shots and hapless flubs. Thanks to the devoted contributors who keep this site going, these timeless blunders are preserved in all their embarrassing glory forever more - and their perpetrators rightfully shamed in full public view.

Have you played with someone whose exceptionally clumsy or unlucky turn might qualify for an award? You can nominate them by finding the replay that contains their feat and uploading it to the site. Their blunder may be eligible for any one of a variety of coveted awards - see the awards listings for past years for examples!

2016 awards now up!

The awards for 2016 are now up, so mosey on over and enjoy this year's selection of blunders. Nominations for 2017 are now open so get digging in that Games folder and upload those precious gems. And don't forget to spread the word about this site, because knowing is half the battle (uploading is the other half).

You can now watch all of the best Worst Shot Ever submissions on YouTube!
Click the image above to head on over and watch the most hilarious moments since 2007.

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kotus1st April, 2024
It's 2024 but I still watch WSE. They bring me joy and help
to forget how fucken up life turned)
Thanks for your job, guys

Ledan12th January, 2024
i'm sorry for the lack of posts, i'm working on a
compilation but getting a bit of editor's block

pavlepavle23rd December, 2023
WSE is back! Lets gooo. Too bad I wasn`t collecting shots,
but will do from now on

Ledan (once again)22nd July, 2023
Deadcode is probably free

Ledan (again)10th June, 2023
That depends on when Deadcode is free

TRSB6th June, 2023
If the video on Ledan's channel is an invitation to start
submitting again, when can we expect the 2017 fails to be up
and running?

Ledan15th April, 2023
Hello Worms community!

I am proud to announce this project is being ressurected!

I reached out to CyberShadow for access to the replay files,
and the 2017 awards should be up on the site soon...

However, hold off those submissions! We don't want any more
excess for now.

zase24th January, 2023
love your series

courtemanche43716th January, 2023
Finally at least a portion of the 2014 compilation has been
made!!! However though it's still sad to see that the actual
awards themselves stopped after 2016 :(

Casso11th November, 2021
I came back here to see replays of past years
a tear fell :'(

Ledan26th February, 2021
DarkOne and Coste have abandoned this project. I hope there
will be an archive of the moments that would have made

flakkerAA10th January, 2021
2020 please?

Ledan11th April, 2020
At this point 2020 too...

Xrayez16th November, 2019
The bar is wide enough to include the awards for 2017, 2018,
and 2019! :)

matrix16o7th October, 2019
Cueshark IS alive, but i have lost all hope of seeing a new

Ledan29th March, 2019
I am kinda losing hope...

TheodoreXD2nd February, 2019
I wish I was included!

Jakebob19th November, 2018
Whilst it's unfortunate that the folks running this series
have been busy for so long, I do sincerely hope that we'll
end up getting a new Worst Shot Ever at some point in the
future. Just remember, they're people too, and making
demands won't make 'em work!

PatricioAVP7th October, 2018
I wonder if this is still being run. I mean, the 2017 awards
aren't up yet, and we're by the end of 2018 already... Did
something go wrong, or what happened?

HarmonyBunny31st March, 2018
Still waiting for the 2017 awards. Maybe even 2018 awards
next year.

YTrojan SHUT THE F**K UP!29th March, 2018
That's not how you motivate one to do an unpaid job.

YTrojan28th March, 2018
I mean march, sorry.

YTrojan28th March, 2018
Seriously, we're near the end of april and there's STILL no
awards. HURRY THE F**K UP!

Ledan10th January, 2018
I hope that my replay gets in!

YTrojan3rd January, 2018
Seriously, I'm still waiting for 2017's awards.

DarkOne30th December, 2016
You have until sunday to submit your replays for WSE, Let's
hope 2016 has a few more disastrous replays for us in stock!

Your nickname24th November, 2016
Yeah...I'm not doing 2014's. If anyone wants to do it, go

LucasTheScout17th August, 2016
me submit replay please make video on channel))

Your nickname14th May, 2016
This is a comment

Pedant11th January, 2016
Nominations for *2016 are now open.

Replays from 201510th January, 2016
I'm published

Just answering9th January, 2016
There may be a chance it'll be published very soon

Just asking7th January, 2016
Any chances to see replays from 2015 published this year?

My nickname3rd December, 2015
Bug: timestamp 00:00:00 is considered invalid ("Wrong
time pattern")
00:00:01 works fine

Your ad here19th August, 2015
Need WSE for bots.

Abacus21st July, 2015
I submitted a hilarious SuperSheeper WSE yesterday. I
usually forget most of the worst shots in my 18 years of
playing Worms Armageddon - but for some reason, this one
stood out... I hope it is chosen.

DarkOne8th March, 2015
Those most likely won't be eligible for an award.

RoboLeg8th March, 2015
Are we allowed to set horrible shots up or do they have to
be from serious matches???

LTK30th August, 2014
Let me surprise you then, Boggy B! :D

Boggy B16th August, 2014
Mike? Are you Professor Worminkle's student? (I'd be
surprised if anyone here gets the joke...)

Coste24th June, 2014
Hi, ive already responded in the topic @ steam board

Mike_Team1724th June, 2014
Hey guys,

I'm Mike, Team17's new community manager. I've just
discovered this awesome site via the WA Steam forums - I'd
like to grab all these replays and turn them into a kickass
WA blunders reel. Could the site owner get in touch on Steam
and let me know if that's ok? I'd love to give you credit in
the vid.

My Steam ID is Mike_Team17 - everyone can feel free to add
me as a friend :)

Chat soon!

Kubu-Tsukareta27th December, 2013
If I might ask, how many replays will you be sifting through
for this year?

Coste22nd December, 2013
2013 awards will arrive around 7-9 January

Kubu Tsukareta13th September, 2013
I look forward to seeing which of my bajillion replays made
it into the 2013 Hall of Infamy.

Boggy B7th September, 2013
Thanks... :)

Coste1st September, 2013
You might want to check featured movies at http://wormtube.worms2d.info/featured

Coste1st September, 2013
The 2012 one is here
http://wormtube.worms2d.info/111/the_worst_shot_ever_2012 .
As for best ones, theres plenty of such videos out there on
wormtube, with Showcase's among them.

Boggy B4th August, 2013
And people should make a Best Shot Ever, for insane kills,
don't you think? Just saying. P.S. Cueshark rules! :D

Boggy B4th August, 2013
Hello, I love those hilarious Worst Shot Ever videos made by
Cueshark... I would love to see a new one this year! :)

Patricio27th March, 2013

Worm_Gamer28th December, 2012
0sec.html mine & oldwoman 06:30

kukumber24th December, 2012
I think I've uploaded 6 replays earlier, but I'm not sure if
I did upload all of them, so I just did it once again,
hopefully that's not a problem. I just wanted to make sure
they're here, cause I think they're really funny ones.
Cheers! :)

Coste10th December, 2012

ConnY13th November, 2012
Just posted a few replays :) Hoping to be included!

Do anyone know if he/she still make these into videos? I can
only find 2010 on youtube.

Your nickname12th November, 2012

Coste9th May, 2012
Try WSE uploader once again, Tomstyti. The file you posted
got erased from this uploader or link is broken. If its
still too big, upload it somewhere else and/or
send it to wse@worms2d.info , please.

Tomstyti28th April, 2012
Awesome site. The files are almost always too big though! :/
And I can't find the current site admin's email address.
Gonna post this one here then:


KRD21st April, 2012
Also from what I hear, WSE is in good hands now already. I'm
not worried!

KRD21st April, 2012
Don't be a stranger, RunForYourLife.

Run20th April, 2012
Visitors might notice the site is now hosted at worms2d.info
- sadly I no longer have the time or motivation to carry on
with this site, though it was a very fun project while it
lasted :) I hope it maintains enough popularity to be worth
continuing, and that others will be willing to keep it
going. Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed...

KBA3u27th February, 2012
6.10 mine

FoxHound18th February, 2012
I'm proud to make my first upload here. I knew about this
website for a long time but only now I had a funny enough
replay and I remembered about uploading here. Thanks Run and
who helps him with this contest site, I do apreciate this

Barny5th February, 2012

Your nickname22nd January, 2012
Barny i didnt even know i won both

It is because cueshark hates me propably lol

Barny4th January, 2012
Doubletimes wins AGAIN with boring fail?

Run1st January, 2012
Sorry FurFur, I couldn't play the first file due to a format
error and your second link didn't load a page for me.

FurFur12th December, 2011
Error: The file is too big. Send the file to me by email
instead, or tell me to increase the limit.

here another fail i can't send you because fail is too big

here the link :p


Desetroyah21st May, 2011
This is a great example of "Dicking with the
Bird". Online warmer (oldschool scheme with weapons),
xOchuX decides to race a bird, rest is history :D

FurFur21st May, 2011

well i got a nice replay for you cueshark :D but it's a
bigmap and the file size limit are too low, i can't upload
it.... it say email to you :p but i don"t find your :p

here's a link of the replay ^^


NNN-Ivo5th May, 2011
A wrong worm to drop dyna. It was a serious ONL game, so
please don't think it was intentional for this contest.