Nominate a shot

Have you witnessed a terrible shot? Seen an awful turn? Upload it here!

This uploader will only accept .WAgame files.

In order to upload a replay, use the form below and type in a nickname of the player who performed the blunder and an exact time in which the turn started:

Enter a player / performer nickname:

Point at which time the turn began (e.g. 00:10:05 ):

Then select a replay file from your computer and hit the Submit button:


A shot must stand out to be considered for an award. Some blunders are quite common, especially in fast-paced schemes like Hysteria. Firing a bazooka into the wind and being hit by the shell when it returns, for example, is very common. Judging whether a shot is exceptional or not is of course subjective, so if you're unsure, just upload it anyway!


Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send an e-mail. Only send nominations to this address if they exceed the size allowed by the form above.

A shot must meet these criteria to qualify for an award:

1. It must have occurred in an online game.
A shot from an offline game will not be accepted, even if it was a local multiplayer game - though it may be given an honorary award if it is sufficiently spectacular.

2. It must have occurred in this year.
If a shot is from a previous year it will not be eligible for the next awards, but it may be given an honorary award for whichever year it missed.

3. It must demonstrate incompetence or considerable misfortune.
There's an important distinction between a shot which is unlucky, and a shot which simply fails to be lucky. For example, firing a longbow across the map and missing your target by a few pixels would not be considered for an award, even if it lost you the game. Such an unlikely shot would already have invited failure.