The annual awards

Awful shots have been winning awards since 2007. To see the awards for a given year, and download the replays to see the shots themselves, click on the year below.

Awards for 2007

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Honorable mentions

Below is a list of worthy shots that nonetheless didn't quite make it into the awards lists, either because they were submitted too late or were played offline. But they're still worth seeing, so download them anyway!

23player, for a right cock-up of a turn that cost him the game;

chef, for killing himself off without anyone firing a shot;

FlyingFlapjack, for somehow heading his own petrol bomb;

leroy, for the most incompetent use of a shotgun of all time;

Medal, for nearly drowning and then drowning anyway;

ramb0, for tempting fate with a homing missile;

Silaneo, for trying to get rid of a cow;

Warlord, for a crap dynamite;

DarkOne, for drowning a few too many worms;

WowwoW, for trying to save a bad drop and failing miserably.

Worst rubberworm shots

These replays require WormKit and the Rubberworm module to be installed. To play them, open them with WormKit.exe instead of WA.exe. For information about Rubberworm and how to get it, click here.

Most incompetent attacks:

DancingOmelette for the worst miting ever;

Noodles, for taking far too long to drown a worm;

NotWorthy, for a monumental failure to kill anything at all;

Run, for killing the wrong worm and taking forever to do it;

Splongul, for somehow missing everyone with a banana;

Splongul, for not missing with a banana

igor, for a tragic display of ineptitude

Unluckiest Backfires:

Parker, for unexpectedly joining his herd of cows;

Splongul, for a cluster bomb everyone can enjoy;

Vince, for a very unfortunate tackle

Worst Retreats:

AlMightyBob, for a terrible retreat from a terrible shot;

Run, for ruining his own banana (not a euphamism)

All-round Worst Turns:

Pisto, for flying around doing nothing and then moling himself;

Calibrate, for an unfortunate precision;

Replays that need an older version of Rubberworm to playback, or that I otherwice can't play for some reason:








For completeness, shots that didn't make the cut for any of the awards pages are still available from the directories below. Nominations are excluded if they don't meet the qualifying criteria or if they're just not exceptional.

Exclusions for 2007: Disqualified / Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2008: Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2009: Disqualified / Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2010: Disqualified / Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2011: Disqualified / Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2012: Disqualified / Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2013: Disqualified / Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2014: Disqualified / Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2015: Disqualified / Unexceptional

Exclusions for 2016: Disqualified / Unexceptional