Welcome to Worst Shot Ever!

Here you will encounter some of the most god-awful turns ever witnessed, delicately handpicked from WormNET's finest games by you, the viewers at home, for endless ridicule and mockery.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of games are played on WormNET, each one a veritable pick-and-mix bag of terrible shots and hapless flubs. Thanks to the devoted contributors who keep this site going, these timeless blunders are preserved in all their embarrassing glory forever more - and their perpetrators rightfully shamed in full public view.

Have you played with someone whose exceptionally clumsy or unlucky turn might qualify for an award? You can nominate them by finding the replay that contains their feat and uploading it to the site. Their blunder may be eligible for any one of a variety of coveted awards - see the awards listings for past years for examples!

2016 awards now up!

The awards for 2016 are now up, so mosey on over and enjoy this year's selection of blunders. Nominations for 2017 are now open so get digging in that Games folder and upload those precious gems. And don't forget to spread the word about this site, because knowing is half the battle (uploading is the other half).

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